The Bass Guitar


People get confused or think the bass guitar is a difficult instrument to learn, when they see the strings and those dimacations. But it is one of the easiest compared to the Keyboard/organ and its “big brother” the lead guitar😂😂😂. The African style of play has a lot of speed and that scare people away.

In this article I will be recommending some videos on YouTube that helped me understand the instrument with ease.

The first person I will recommend is Manny Bass his overview o the bass guitar is amazing and easy to understand


The second is from free bass lessons from little kids rock😂😂😂 I know it sounds childish but trust me if you want to learn something from scratch, you sure are in the right place. He gives you easy and fun bass lines to start with


And if you want to learn the African style, the Ghanaian way, with speed, you can’t do without Amegashie


But the next guy I love to watch because he’s fun!!! Prince Blessing


These guys are great, even if you don’t want to learn, just watch them play. I know you’d enjoy watching them and you’d definitely have interest in the Bass Guitar.


Some tricks you probably didn’t know on Gmail!


Google mail, Gmail as we all know is now the largest and widely used mail account now, since you need one to access most apps on phones running on android OS.

But did you know, there are ways to know if the person you sent the mail to has received or read it? Oh yes! Check this out


Did you also know you could track the sender or know the country from which the email was sent? I personally love this because I was nearly conned less than a month ago.


NB. There are more of such videos on YouTube, even more intensive ones, just wanted to give you a head start👍



The International English Language Testing System, IELTS™, It is the test most countries/universities require to allow people who do not have English as their native language study in their school and sometimes enter their country. And for those who want scholarships, you can not escape this test. Even if the school does not ask for it, you will be made to write it when you are enrolled. So it is better to get yourself ready before or after you are enrolled.

It has over 1,200 test centres in over 140 countries and the Score or grade is valid for 2 years.

Enough of the long talk😂😂😂. Below is a link to find study materials. A friend shared it with me and thought I should help others with it too.

You can as well join this Whatsapp study group through the link below to help you with your studies

All the best in your studies and exams!

What has been running through my mind the past weeks.


A lot of people say its painful when your love ones leave you, when you fall on a concrete floor, when you jump a cliff (of which you’d die😂😂😂) but one of the most painful thing I’ve realised is when you have an idea or knowledge that could have saved a life or have the ability to help yet not given a chance! Its really painful. I’ve also realised that has brought about of so many break always, in companies, Churches etc. And the interesting thing is about 85-90% those who break away succeed!

What do you think would have happened if that knowledge was invested in the “Original” company, or institution or Church?

Let’s give people the opportunity, let’s give a listening ear, let’s hear them out. It might save our lives, who knows.



One of the oldest social media. Having people from almost every country.

Facebook became the easiest and cheapest way to sending and receiving text and picture messages in Ghana since network providers charges huge sums and picture messages weren’t sent after they charge for sending. Facebook, I believe reduced their income to a point they wanted to ban it😂😂😂😂.

Then network providers  tried getting/winning back their customers (income) by introducing bundles for text. Tigo, one of the network providers called theirs “Tigo text a lot” but got just a section of their customers which were students.

Add up.


Most people will say specialisation is best, well i don’t doubt that, i believe in specialisation but adding other information makes you as we say in Ghana “current”.

A scenario, you having a knowledge in printers finding yourself in an office where a printer develops a fault, it may be a little fault. You can jump in and save the office time and money.

Finding yourself in a church where the instrumentalist couldn’t make it to church that day,vhaving the basic knowledge of the piano can save the church that day.

It can be as little as learning how to operate the coffee maker, fixing an electronic socket, learning a language, an instrument etc.

Unless of course the device comes with a year or more guarantee😂😂😂 you dare not touch that. But having some knowledge about it puts you ahead.

Adding that knowledge to what you already have will not kill you. Your colleagues will see you different when you start manifesting something other than what they all know or have.

The Ghanian Pidgin English.


Most people think Ghanaians don’t have pidgin English language. Oh we do!😂😂😂. Its different from that of the Nigerians.

But, the language wasn’t permitted few years back. It was termed the “bad boys” language. So you couldn’t speak the language at home, since you’d get a whip when you did. The Jamaican Patois made it worse, because the Elderly in those days didn’t know Patois was a Language. They knew the only people to distort the English language were people who smoked marijuana, or pot.😂😂😂 so you dare not speak patois anywhere, else you’d be given the “bad boy or girl” tag if you did. Because of the reasons above Ghanaian pidgin English language was hidden and spoken in Secondary Schools or Senior High Schools only since no parent was in the boarding house to monitor.

The revolution came about from that popular Gospel music, El-shaddai the Jamaican Patois version. Song leaders started singing it in church, gradually paving way for the Ghanaian pidgin to be accepted without giving tags to the extent of using it in Churches by Pastors. Amazing!